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Author: Hank O'Hop / Last updated on April 2, 2021

Brake bleeding is a task that no one particularly likes to do. But fortunately, there are several ways to make it easier. Fortunately, there are tools that allow you to step on the brake pedal a million times without picking up your cell phone and phone.

With this in mind, we will look at the best brake bleeder that uses vacuum pressure to get the job done. If you are looking for other options, please consider our sister guide to brake bleeder kits. Our buying guide will also provide you with some guidance to help you choose the best vacuum brake bleeder for your store.

The vacuum vent uses the workshop air source to automatically draw fluid through the brake pipeline. The built-in hook can free your hands completely for other steps of the process.

An affordable option based on traditional design. Establishing the vacuum requires manual operation, but it is still a relatively smooth and straightforward process.

A vacuum exhaust device that uses an air compressor for automatic operation. Variable speed control and built-in silencer provide an efficient and enjoyable experience. 

Our reviews are driven by hands-on testing by actual buyers, expert opinions, "popular wisdom" evaluations, and our own expertise. We always strive to provide true and accurate guides to help you find the best choice.

The manually operated pump is probably the most widely used, and may even be in the form of the brake bleeder tool you are familiar with. The working principle of the system is to slide the adapter over the top of the bleed valve, and you can physically activate the pump to generate vacuum pressure. The main benefit of this option is that they are generally much cheaper than other types. They also do not rely on external power sources or operating systems, which means you can use them almost anywhere.

The use of an air compressor's brake bleeder may be a skill to understand. After all, compressed air is the opposite of vacuum. Contrary to what we immediately thought, the system is set to generate suction, which can be used to empty the main cylinder and deflate the system. The advantage is that they automatically and continuously provide suction. Although they are a more important investment, they are much more convenient than traditional methods.

Very similar to those using air compressors, electric brake bleeders are designed to provide a constant vacuum to automatically bleed the brake lines. These are generally more affordable than those that use compressed air. Some weekend fighters do not need air compressors because they do not need to rely on other expensive equipment that they may not have.

Ares is headquartered in Seattle and has decades of experience. It is a name familiar to many wrench turners. The brand is known for producing automotive tools, but electrical, industrial and general tools are also on the roster. 

Since 1971, Mityvac has been a manufacturer of automotive diagnostic and repair tools. The company's history began with the development of the first medical hand-held vacuum pump. Today, the company is headquartered in St. Louis and produces high-quality products.

When you pick up a brake bleeder, you may not stop to consider the accessories it contains. However, if you are using a weird platform or considering a brand you are not familiar with, you must ensure that it has the features needed to make it work. Yes, there are some ways to solve the problem of not having the right accessories afterwards, but it is still worth saving yourself a lot of trouble to carefully check the accessories and hoses before starting.

Each brake bleeder comes with a reservoir that normally works. However, if you plan to flush the entire system, you need a larger reservoir. One is too small and requires you to stop more often to empty it. It is always advisable to limit the interruption of the work flow. Larger reservoirs also help reduce the possibility of leakage.

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This special brake bleeder is used in conjunction with an air compressor to automatically bleed the system. There is no need to ask your partner to pump oil for the brakes or to manually build up the vacuum pressure-just connect it and let it do the work for you. As if this is not easy enough, the built-in hook can free your hands and complete the work faster. The system also includes transparent wires, allowing you to visually inspect the fluid while you are working. It also has a 1 liter storage tank to collect the liquid you draw from the system.

Since this vacuum brake bleeder relies on an air compressor to operate, you need to use an air compressor to make this option work, which may incur additional costs.

This is the type of vacuum brake bleeder that everyone is familiar with, and it happens to have a asking price that anyone can justify. The first thing that distinguishes it from what you are used to in the parts store is the blow molded case: it is not the main storage solution, but it is much better than the flip cover that we are all used to seeing. As for the bleeder itself, it can establish a vacuum through a simple trigger mechanism and is equipped with a series of good connectors that allow you to connect it to any braking system. These connections also allow you to test and troubleshoot other systems on the vehicle.

Expect the quality to match its price point, which means it will have a relatively short lifespan without special care.

Everything about this system has been perfectly designed to surpass almost any other brake release system. As you might expect, it is suitable for air compressor systems, so you only need to open the bleeder and let it start working. When going all out, this thing can pull about two quarts per minute. The variable speed control system provides you with the control you need to prevent wasting any precious resources. To give you peace of mind, it is equipped with an automatic replenishment system to prevent your brake lines from running dry. Another technical detail is to include the rotating connection of the air line to prevent you from being constrained while working.

Although you have obtained a high-quality product, its price is too high compared to the competition.

We believe that this vacuum brake bleeder provides the most valuable use for a typical reducer. As for the bleed brake, it can be achieved in two ways: you can choose to pump the vacuum pressure manually or connect it to an air supply system that can work for you. Considering that you don't always have the option of connecting an air compressor, this flexibility helps a lot. And because it comes with a series of accessories and uses a 6.5 liter water tank, you can use it to extract other liquids. The device will provide you with a good service when performing oil changes, changing gearbox oils and even draining coolant.

If you are looking for a brake bleeder, this may not be the best choice due to its size. Although it can do the job, it can be cumbersome to handle, and manually establishing vacuum pressure can be unnecessarily complicated.

The brake bleeder is used in combination with an air compressor. We can't express how convenient it is to let the system automatically bleed for you-you just need to use this model to connect it to a bleed valve with a universal connector and let it pump out the fluid for you. The 40-inch silicone hose attached to the adapter allows you to place the device almost wherever you need it while you are working. The difference between this entry and some competitors is the built-in silencer that your ears will love.

There is no doubt that this is a premium product that you can take full advantage of. However, we found that the price is much higher than the requirements of most competitors.

This vacuum brake bleeder is easy to use on any vehicle. The system comes with a series of accessories that allow you to brake and troubleshoot multiple systems throughout the car. Of course, any bit of versatility will be of great benefit at such a low price. The operation is simple: you hang it up, pull the trigger, and then open the deflator until all the air is exhausted. I'm glad that this option also comes with a blow-molded shell, which can organize the kit into any drawer and transport it to any vehicle. We must also mention that you can choose one of three colors to match your taste.

Although this system has done what it was supposed to do, if you are not careful, it may fail prematurely. However, blow-molded shells certainly help solve this problem.

If you really want to get a brake bleeder for use with an air compressor, then here is one to consider. What immediately catches your attention is the competitive price point: it may not be as low as other prices, but what you get is worth the money. The deflator itself has a 2 liter reservoir, which can deflate the caliper or the master cylinder. It does have a built-in silencer to help you minimize noise while working. What distinguishes it from the products in its price range is the included auto-filling reservoir, which reduces the risk of system draining.

This system has many benefits, and in most cases, this setting will do what it says. Unfortunately, there seems to be concern that missing or defective parts prevent many reviewers from actually using it.

Finally, this is a traditional system that is easy to use and does not affect quality. We understand that not everyone uses systems that rely on air compressors. If you don't want to repeatedly reinvest in cheap alternatives, this may be the best approach. On the front, you can see that the design of this vacuum brake bleeder is more comfortable and stronger than most products. It works on the same principle as many competitors, but the overall fit and finish of all components is far superior to cheaper components, thus improving the user experience. 

It is not equipped with a blow molded case, but the packaging is perfectly shaped and can organize the entire setup into any drawer of the toolbox.

Without a manually operated pump, an air compressor is not the only way to build a vacuum. There is always a way to do this with an electric pump, and this is what this option has-all you need to do is plug it in, connect it, and then you are ready to brake. The system is divided into two main parts: pump and water tank. In addition, the layout is simple and easy to use. In addition, the kit includes a large number of hoses and power cords, so you don't have to gather everything in one place. In addition, it also comes with a storage box to help you store everything neatly between uses.

The problem with this pump is its slow speed. Although this is a hands-free experience without using any expensive machines, you will need to be patient when using this setting.

This economical model allows you to take full advantage of the air compressor power that we have always been passionate about. After all, many people will invest in more cost-effective solutions before choosing the top options. In other words, this setting has everything you can expect in this price range, and more. It comes with the bleeder itself and all the connections you need. It also happens to include an auto-fill water tank and four master tank adapters to prevent you from accidentally draining the system.

However, there are some problems with the quality of this bleeder. On the one hand, many comments have expressed that it has problems with its implementation. It is also worth mentioning that many people claim that it does not include the accessories required for some typical applications.

Our first choice is the Ares 70923-1 liter vacuum brake fluid drain. However, the best tool is the one you can use. They all achieve the same goal, and you don't need to rely on the latest and most powerful features. 

The working principle of the brake bleeder is to apply a vacuum to the bleed screw, and then open the screw to draw fluid and air in. You must repeat the process until there is no air in the system. 

The vacuum brake bleeder is a tool that uses a vacuum to draw air and fluid into the bleed screw. Using this method to bleed the brake is the easiest way to ensure that no air enters the system during this process. 

The Ares 70923-1 liter vacuum brake fluid drain is our first choice because it is both affordable and efficient. However, we understand that relying on air compressors is not acceptable to everyone. In this case, the CARSC vacuum pump tester kit and brake bleeder kit are equally popular due to low cost and simple operation.

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