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2021-12-08 11:01:55 By : Mr. David Leung

Bobcat's new MaxControl system and the company's new R-series telescopic handlers made their debut at the Smopyc International Exhibition in Zaragoza, Spain last month.

From November 17th to 20th, 2021, two authorized distributors of Bobcat Company demonstrated new development projects at ITT Bobcat Of on the indoor booth and JRA Maquinaria on the outdoor booth.

Smopyc's MaxControl remote control system also arrived after its full launch in Europe earlier this month. MaxControl enables operators to use iPhone or iPad to remotely control Bobcat small loaders through an app. Lynx MaxControl is a brand-new hardware kit, combined with iOS applications, with easy-to-use touch controls designed specifically for smartphones, so using this system for remote control is as intuitive as using a mobile phone application.

The MaxControl system is compatible with all Bobcat loaders with optional joystick control (SJC). By combining operations without jumping in and out of the loader cab, the MaxControl system provides operators with different views of the task at hand, enabling them to perform tasks remotely and repeat the process with maximum comfort and safety.

The Bobcat T35.130SLP model is part of a new generation of R series telescopic handlers, powered by a new version of the Bobcat D34 Stage V engine. Like all new R-series telescopic handlers, the T35.130SLP provides agility on demand, and the newly configured transmission system provides enhanced smoothness to perform the most difficult high-altitude operations with the highest accuracy. The combination of the boom positioning system, the newly updated ultra-precision joystick, the micro-motion function and the improved visibility of the cab also facilitate these operations.

The new cab provides a unique central control panel that optimizes the 360° ergonomic design and provides the highest comfort for the operator. The optimal weight distribution of the T35.130SLP and all other new R-series telescopic handlers, whether with compact stabilizers or not, also allows the operator to safely reach the highest possible place when using the machine to handle heavy loads.

Visitors to Smopyc can also admire the new Bobcat L85 compact wheel loader (CWL). The main features of the L85 include its powerful Bobcat engine and hydraulic circuit, compact size, high stability, digging force, traction and high flow rate, enabling it to be equipped with a variety of original Bobcat accessories, giving it greater versatility.

Another unique feature is advanced accessory control. This revolutionary system allows the operator to change the machine control mode by pressing a button. This provides independent control of engine speed and maximum assist flow and machine travel speed. With 7-pin connectors, operators can intuitively and efficiently control even the most complex accessories. The L85 comes standard with a hydraulic Quick-Tach system, which is compatible with the most widely used standard coupler in the industry.

A Bob-Tach adapter is also provided, allowing customers to use their existing Bobcat accessories on the Bobcat compact loaders. Notable standard flow attachments include the 4-in-1 bucket and sweeper series, but with the high flow option installed, planer and snow blower attachments can be used. All of these are very easy to use due to the advanced accessory control as standard.

Another new product of Smopyc is the Bobcat T76 vertical lift path compact crawler loader, which is part of the revolutionary R series compact loader. To ensure the best performance and comfort, the T76 has a longer wheelbase and track footprint than the previous generation machine, thereby enhancing stability. The combination of higher stability and higher hydraulic efficiency provides first-class thrust and digging force and greater lifting capacity, which can increase productivity even in the most difficult work.

The longer track also ensures a smoother ride. The new T76 compact crawler loader comes standard with a sturdy chassis system, but it can be equipped with an optional 5-link torsion suspension chassis system to ensure better driving, easy handling of rugged terrain, reducing bumps and avoiding material spillage.

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