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Simple and delicate ear studs can match almost any outfit. They are elegant enough to be worn alone or paired with other jewelry to create an overall look. All things considered, ear studs are essential accessories.

There are many types of earrings, some of which are worth adding to your earring collection. You can splurge on diamond stud earrings or invest in fashionable stud earrings with rhinestones and other decorations. If you prefer classic earrings design, Macy’s certified 1/4 carat total weight diamond earrings may be your best choice.

Although diamond and pearl stud earrings are usually the first styles that come to mind, they are far from the only styles available.

Earrings are usually worn alone, but this is not the only way to design them. People with multiple earring holes may wear a set of progressive ear studs, which will become smaller as the ear moves upward. Those who have a second earring hole may prefer to wear earrings in this hole when they wear earrings or pendants in the first hole. Others pair ear studs with other jewelry, including necklaces, cartilage piercings, and nose rings.

Setting style refers to the way gems are set. If you have ever purchased a diamond or gemstone ring, you may be familiar with some of these styles.

Some of the most common styles have claw, crown and basket settings. Several pairs of modern ear studs have simple bezel settings, in which gems are wrapped in low-key metal bands. The Halo setting is considered the most fascinating setting, and is characterized by a circle of sparkling little gems surrounding the studs.

There are a variety of materials to choose from on the back of the ear studs and the ear posts. For example, high-quality ear studs are made of gold, 925 sterling silver, titanium or platinum. These high-quality metals stand the test of time and give rivets a high-end appearance.

On the other hand, cheaper pairs are made of cheaper metals. Some of them may contain nickel, which may cause inflammation or irritation of sensitive skin. However, there are some affordable alternatives, such as stainless steel, plastic, silicone or acrylic. Some labeled as "hypoallergenic" have a low risk of triggering an allergic reaction.

Although the back of all ear studs performs the same task of fixing the stud to the ear, there are some design changes. Push, screw and clutch backs are the most popular.

Push back is similar to small butterflies, because of their friction design, they can slide on the pillar and stay still. These backrests are easy to remove with minimal pulling force; however, this also means that when you comb your hair or put clothes on your head, they may be pulled off accidentally.

Some ear studs have threaded posts similar to small screws. They require compatible screw back covers that can be twisted to provide an adjustable and secure fit. These rivet styles usually appear on more expensive shoes, as well as many retro and vintage shoes. Unfortunately, some people may encounter difficulties when using these mechanisms.

There is also the clutch back cover, which is composed of small metal nuts, surrounded by plastic or rubber pads. Clutch backs usually only appear on cheap fashion rivets. They are known for staying safe on posts such as pushbacks. Although some wearers prefer them, others think the back of the clutch is bulky or uncomfortable.

Fashion ear studs are made of cheap materials, and each pair sells for 5 to 100 US dollars. Those made of better quality materials, including many pairs of gold and sterling silver, cost between $100 and $300. The price of stud earrings with gemstones or diamonds ranges from US$200 to US$2,500, or more, depending on their size, cut, clarity or value.

A. The earring jacket is an ornament of traditional earrings. They have small holes that can slide over the pillars and have unique designs such as halo, drop earrings or other types of enhancements. They are an ideal way to "upgrade" a pair of ear studs rather than buying new ones.

A. It depends on the stud material. There are many types of gold and silver jewelry cleaners, and you need to use a special cloth to clean natural pearl earrings. Earrings made of cheap materials, such as rhinestones and stainless steel, can be cleaned with alcohol. Or, you can take the ear studs to a jewelry store for professional cleaning.

Macy's certified 1/4 carat total weight diamond earrings in yellow gold: available at Macy's

Our view: This classic diamond stud earrings are available in white gold or gold inlays, which are versatile and suitable for day and night wear.

What we like: The diamond stud earrings use a low-key three-claw setting to give the diamond a "floating" appearance. They have a spiral backing closure, which helps to hold the earrings better than pushing the backing. The rivets can be worn comfortably all day.

What we don't like: They are not available in other popular inlay materials, such as 925 sterling silver or rose gold.

Charisma Faux Pearl Earrings Stud Set: Available on Amazon

Our view: This 12-pair artificial pearl series adopts progressive size design, is affordable and versatile, and is popular with people with multiple earring holes.

What we like: pearl ear studs inlaid in hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel, perfect for sensitive skin. They have a well-made push back plate that can stay still instead of sliding off the pillar. The suit has a gift box.

What we don't like: The larger pair looks fake and cheap, and they are quite bulky.

Mints Opal Solitaire-Style Stud Earring: Available on Amazon

Our opinion: If you want pop colors, these opal earrings with 18 carat gold earrings are ideal.

What we like: The rivets are well made and look more expensive than them. Green opal has iridescent colors and can be decorated or decorated. The 5 mm rivets are suitable for daily or professional wear.

What we don’t like: Some wearers say that opal appears to be made in a laboratory, rather than natural.

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