Toyota Prius power steering is suitable for almost any project car

2021-12-08 11:01:35 By : Ms. Lynn Cheng

Power steering! Depending on the condition of your forearm and the precise suspension geometry of the car, it is either completely unnecessary or absolutely necessary in any given configuration. If your project car falls into the latter category, you may worry about how to install it. The old-fashioned method included a belt-driven hydraulic pump, running from the engine, which provided fluid under pressure to the power assist frame. However, as YouTuber SuperfastMatt explained, things are much simpler now.

The magical part is the electric power steering motor of Hyundai Toyota Prius. In this application, an electric booster motor is installed on the steering column. Because of its simple operation, it is a perfect component for installing power steering in engineering vehicles. Although it is designed to accept CAN bus signals from the car's ECU to change the assist according to the speed, it can also operate in an independent fail-safe mode. Just connect the auxiliary motor to 12 volts, fix it in your steering gear, and it will provide steering assistance as if you are always driving at 43 mph. 

The streamlined Prius power steering column can be easily installed on various cars.

It is for this reason that SuperfastMatt chose the Prius column for his own Tesla replacement Jaguar Mark V model. The original car never had power steering, but relied on a huge steering wheel and a low steering ratio to make steering easier. The Tesla swap on the card, adding a mess of hydraulic components without idling the engine to run them is not entirely advisable. Therefore, the simple Prius solution is more attractive.

The Jaguar Mark V in question. Please pay attention to the Prius electric column part installed next to the brake booster.

For Mark V applications, SuperfastMatt shows how easy it is to use Prius power columns. It is as simple as using a laser cutting adapter to fix the brake booster and power column to the firewall. From there, it's as simple as connecting it to 12 volts, and then you can start using it. There is still some manufacturing work to be done to connect the power column to the Mark V frame, but in general, the video shows how easy it is to install such a system.

The easy-to-use Prius column has quickly become the darling of hotrodders and restomodders who want their own construction to be easier to drive. If you are not sure which way to build your own, be sure to check out our own Power Steering 101 article.

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