Presidential Commission found that most explosions were due to gas leaks-National Online

2021-12-08 12:05:17 By : Ms. Linda Chang

The Presidential Committee of Experts appointed to investigate the recent explosion of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders led by Moratuwa University professor Shantha Walpolage yesterday (6) stated that 244 of the 458 LPG cylinder explosions reported this year were caused by gas. caused. leakage.

In a press release issued yesterday on this issue, the committee pointed out that it had conducted field visits, visited two companies involved in the distribution of LPG, and passed inquiries to them.

It further stated that 178 accidents were due to gas stove explosions and 23 were due to hose damage.

"We found that the odorous ethanethiol that indicated a gas leak did not exist, which is a major aspect of the current problem. After discussing this with the company, they have agreed to add this odorant in the correct dosage in the future." The press release said.

The serious allegations against these companies claim that they have changed the usual natural gas composition ratio from 70:30 (butane to propane) to a dangerous 50:50 ratio. However, Laugfs Gas PLC and Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. both stated that according to the test results they conducted, their gas composition was in the range of 30% (propane) and 70% (butane).

"These claims are still being scientifically investigated. However, the committee has put forward a set of recommendations to the two companies to supply gas according to the original composition. We have analyzed the composition of the gas imported into the country and the pressure in the cylinders. This decision was made. Therefore, the special sticker or seal on the cylinder will indicate that the cylinder has passed the quality control inspections of the Consumer Affairs Administration (CAA), Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLSI), Sri Lanka Conformity Assessment and Certification Board (SLAB) , And the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI)," the expert committee’s press release on the matter said.

In addition, the expert committee stated that the second leading cause of accidents this year was the use of outdated and inferior regulators, hoses and hose clamps, and damaged cookware. The committee has asked consumers to pay attention to standard and high-quality products when buying.